A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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About the Author

Thomas Peckett Prest (1810-1859)
A Legend of Old Saint Paul's
A Legend of the Tower of London.
A Maiden's Fame. or, a legend of Lisbon.
Adelaide, or the victim of seduction.
Admiral Benbow, or the earthquake in Jamaica.
The Adventures of Valentine Vaux; or, the tricks of a ventriloquist.
The Adventures of a Gentleman.
Agnes the Unknown; or, the beggar's secret. A romance.
Almira's Curse; or, the black tower of Bransdorf. A romance.
Angelina; or, the mystery of St. Mark's Abbey. A tale of other days.
Anselmo, the accursed; or, the skeleton hand! An original legendary romance.
The Athenian Captive.
Barnaby Budge.
The Bayaderes, or, priestesses of Pondicherry.
Ben Bolt; or, the perils of a sailor.
The Black Domino
Black Friday, or the natal star.
The Black Inn of the Heath.
The Black Legend of Rotherhithe, or, the horse and the ostler.
Black-Eyed Susan; or, the sailor's bride. A nautical romance.
Blanche Heriot; or, the Chertsey curfew. A romance.
Blanche Langdale the outlaw's bride. A romance of Sherwood Forest.
The Blighted Heart; or, the old priory ruins. A romance.
Bound 'Prentice to a Waterman; or, the flower of Woolwich.
The Brigand; or, the mountain chief. A romance.
The Broken Chain, or the lady of Nuremberg.
The Brute-Tamer of Pompeii.
The Calendar of Horrors, an interesting collection of the romantic, wild, and wonderful
The Charming Polly, or lucky and unlucky days.
Clarisse; or, the merchant's daughter. A romance.
The Convict: a romance.
The Death Blow; or, the fatal knife.
The Death Grasp; or, a father's curse. A romance of startling interest.
The Death Ship; or, the pirate's bride and the maniac of the deep. A nautical romance.
The Death Token.
The Dice of Death.
Don Juan of Austria
The Dream of Fate, or Sarah the Jewess.
The Dumb Man of Manchester.
The Earl of Poverty; or, the old wooden house of London Wall
Ela, the Outcast; or, the gipsy of Rosemary Dell. A romance of thrilling interest.
Emily Fitzormond; or, the deserted one. A tale of mystery.
Ernnestine de Lacy; or, the robber's foundling. An old English romance.
Ethelinde; or, the fatal vow. A romance.
Evelina, the Pauper's Child; or, poverty, crime and sorrow. A romance of deep pathos.
Fatherless Fanny; or, the mysterious orphan. A tale of deep interest.
Faust; or, the demon of the Drachenfels.
The Fire of London; or, the doomed city.
Florence; or, the wild mountain maid
The Flowers of the Forest. A gisey (sic) story.
The French in Egypt, and Bonaparte's passage of the deserts.
Gallant Tom; or, the perils of a sailor ashore and afloat. An original nautical romance of deep and pathetic interest.
Gaspard Hauser.
Gaspardo, the Gondolier or the three banished men of Milan.
Geraldine. Or, the secret assassins of the old stone cross. An original romance.
Gertrude of the Rock; or, the mysterious hermit. An original old English romance.
Gilbert Copley, the reprobate. A domestic romance.
Gilderoy; or, the freebooter of Scotland. A romance.
The Gipsy Boy. A romance of the woods and the wilds.
The Gipsy's Warning.
The Gnome Fly
Grace Walton; or, the wanderers of the heath. An original domestic romance
The Groves of Blarney.
The Guide of the Tyrol.
The Harvest Home. A romance.
The Hebrew Maiden; or, the lost diamond. A tale of chivalry.
The Highland Watch Tower; or, the sons of Glenalvon. A romance.
Jack Junk; or, the tar for all weathers. A romance of the deep blue sea.
James Crichton, of Clunie, and Catherine de Medicis.
The Jew and the Foundling. A romance.
Joan of Arc
John Savile of Haysted.
Jonathan Bradford; or, the murder at the road-side inn. A romance.
Kathleen; or, the secret marriage.
The King's Wager, or the castle and the cottage.
Kohal Cave, or the events of a year.
The Lady of Lyons, or, love and pride.
Leontine; or, Gerald the pedlar.
The Life and Adventures of Oliver Twiss, the workhouse boy.
The Lighterman of Bankside; or, the orphan of Bermondsey.
The Lone Cottage; or, who's the stranger? A romance.
Love's Sacrifice; or, the rival merchants.
Luke Somerton; or, the English renegade. A romance.
The Magazine of Curiosity and Wonder: a weekly miscellany of the surprising, remarkable, and astonishing.
The Magic Flute.
The Maid of Mariendorpt.
The Maniac Father; or, the victim of seduction. A romance of deep interest.
Marianne, the child of charity. A domestic romance.
Mariette; or, the forger's wife and the child of destiny.
The Mariner's Dream or, the Jew of Plymouth.
Martha Willis; or, the maid, the profligate, and the felon. A romance.
Mary Clifford; or, the foundling apprentice girl. A tale of deep interest.
May Grayson; or, love and treachery. A romance.
The Merchant of London.
The Miller and his Men; or, the secret robbers of Bohemia. A powerful romance.
The Miser of Shoreditch: or, the curse of avarice. An original historical legendary romance Of the Fifteenth Century.
Mister Humfries' Clock. A miscellany of striking interest.
My Poll and my Partner Joe; or, pretty Poll of Putney. A nautical romance.
Naida; or, the goddess of El-Dorado.
The New Historical Note Book; or, soldiers' and seamans' recorder.
The New Terrific Register.
Nickelas Nickelbery. Containing the adventures, mis-adventures, chances, mis-chances, fortunes, mis-fortunes, mys-teries, mis-eries, and mis-celleaneous manoeuvres of the family of Nickelbery.
The Ocean Child; or, the lost vessel.
The Ocean of Life; or, every inch a sailor.
The Old House of West Street; or, London in the last century. A Romance Tale.
One O'Clock; or, the knight and the wood demon.
Paul the reckless; or, the fugitive's doom.
The Pearl of the Ocean; or, the prince and the mermaiden.
The Penny Play-Book; or, library of dramatic romance
The Phantom Voice, or the doomed one of the hulk.
Pickwick in America! detailing all the remarkable adventures of taat (sic) illustrious individual and his learned companions, in the United States; extraordinary Jonathanisms, collected by Mr. Snodgrass, and the sayings, doings, and mems, of the facetious Sam Weller
Poor Little Jack; a nautical tale.
The Post-Humourous Notes of the Pickwickian Club.
Posthumous Papers of the Cadgers' Club.
Rafael the Libertine.
The Rake's Progress.
Richard Parker; or, the mutiny at the Nore. A romance.
The Robber's Wife. A domestic romance.
Rosalie; or, the vagrant's daughter.
The Royal Twins; or, the sisters of mystery.
The Rye-House Plot, or the malster's daughter.
Schamyl; or, the wild woman of Circassia. An original historical romance.
The Sexton of Cologne; or, the burgomaster's daughter.
Sindbad the Sailor, or the valley of diamonds.
The Skeleton Lover.
The Sketch Book containing a great number of highly interesting and original tales, sketches, &c. &c.
The Smuggler King; or, the foundling of the wreck. A nautico domestic romance.
The Smuggler's Gibbet, or, the maniac mother.
St. Clair of the Isles, or the outlaw of Barra.
St. Mary's Eve, or, a story of the Solway
The Steel Pavilion; or, the charcoal burners of the Hartz.
Susan Hoply; or, the trials and viscissitudes of a servant girl. A tale of deep interest.
Valsha, the Slave Queen
Vice and its Victim: or, Phoebe, the peasant's daughter. A romantic tale of real life.
Wapping Old Stairs
The Whistler, or, the fate of the lily of St. Leonard's.
The Wife's Dream; or, a profligate's lesson.
The Wife's Secret.
William Tell.
The Witch's Son.
Woman's Wit. or love's disguises.
The Wood Devil; or, the vampire pirate of the deep dell.
The Wreck at Sea or, the Fern light-house.
Tales of Enchantment; or, the book of fairies. A collection of original stories of magic, necromancy and fairy land.
Tales of Minstrelsy
Tales of the Drama.
Temptation; or, the mysterious casket. A legendary romance.
The Tempter, or the old mill of St. Denis.
Therese; or, the orphan of Geneva. A tale of deep interest.
The Two Foscari.