A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Gentleman Jack; or, life on the road. A romance of interest, abounding in hair-breadth escapes of the most exciting character.
London: E. Lloyd, 1852. 205 nos. 1636 p.
The Hebrew Maiden; or, the lost diamond. A tale of chivalry.
London: E. Lloyd, 1841. 104 nos. 830 p.
Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Negro life in the slave states of America. Vol. 1.
London: C. H. Clarke and Co, 1852. 24 nos. 380 p.
Thomas Peckett Prest. Vice and its Victim: or, Phoebe, the peasant's daughter. A romantic tale of real life.
London: Henry Lea. 72 nos. 574 p.