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Christian Goodwillie
Lloyd's Penny Atlas (London).
the old sailor (pseud.). Jem Bunt a tale of the Land and the Ocean.
London: [Henry Lea]. 312 p.
Henry Cockton , Esq. The Love Match.
London: W. M. Clark, 1849. 24 nos. 373 p.
Old London Bridge, a romance of the sixteenth century.
London: Willoughby & Co. 52 nos. 407 p.
R. Bedingfield , esq. The Peer and the Blacksmith. A tale.
London: R. Thompson, Strange and Berger, [1844]. 50 nos. 588 p.
Hannah Maria Jones. The Scottish Chieftains; or, the perils of love and war.
"Illustrated standard edition". London: John Lofts. 59 nos. 463 p.
The Soldier's Wife.
London: , 1853. 206 p.
Tales of the Drama.
London: [E. Lloyd].