A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Adventures of Old Dan Tucker, and his son Walter; a tale of North Carolina.
London: Willoughby & Co. 222 p.
William Hillyard. Catalina; or, the Spaniard's revenge. A romance.
London: John Dicks, 1848. 11 nos. 94 p.
Clement Lorimer; or, The Book with the Iron Clasps. A romance.
London: John Lofts. 280 p.
Henry Cockton , Esq. The Love Match:.
London: W. M. Clark, 1847. 24 nos. 373 p.
George W. M. Reynolds. The Parricide; or, the youth's career of crime.
London: John Dicks, 1847. 23 nos. 180 p.
Pierce Egan the younger. Quintin Matsys, the blacksmith of Antwerp, an historical romance.
London: W. Barth. 298 p.
Henry Cockton. The Sisters; or, the fatal marriages.
London: W. M. Clark, 1851. 12 nos. 380 p.
Sylvester Sound the Somnambulist.
London: W. M. Clark, 1849. 23 nos. 367 p.