A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Henry Cockton , Esq. The Love Match.
London: W. M. Clark, 1845. 12 nos. 373 p.
Pierce Egan. Quintin Matsys the Blacksmith of Antwerp.
London: W. S. Johnson. 40 nos. 323 p.
The Ruined Cottage; or, the farmer's maid. A romance of real life.
London: W. Caffyn, 1847. 78 nos. 622 p.
Sylvester Sound the Somnambulist.
London: W. M. Clark, 1844. 367 p.
The Wandering Jew.
"Roscoe's library edition". London: E. Appleyard, 1845. 70 nos. 554 p.