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London Journal (London).
A Lady in Search of a Husband. A romance.
London: Purkess and Strange, [1847]. 11 nos. 84 p.
Thomas Prest. Angelina; or, the mystery of St. Mark's Abbey. A tale of other days.
London: Edward Lloyd, 1841. 30 nos. 236 p.
Ben Bolt, or, the perils of a sailor. An original nautical and domestic romance.
London: G. Purkess. 16 nos. 126 p.
Thomas Prest. The Blighted Heart; or, the old priory ruins. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, [1851]. 35 nos. 276 p.
The Child of Two Fathers; or, the mysteries of the days of old. A romance of deep interest.
London: E. Lloyd. 39 nos. 309 p.
Chronicles of the Sea: or, faithful narratives of shipwrecks, fires, famines and disasters incidental to a life of maritime enterprise; together with celebrated voyages, interesting anecdotes etc., etc. Vol. 2.
London: William Mark Clark, 1840. 464 p.
B. Barker , esq. The Commodore's Daughter.
London: E. Lloyd, [1847]. 9 nos. 68 p.
Richard Bedingfield. Crime; or, the gamester's daughter.
London: [ Strange]. 24 nos. 289 p.
Emily Fitzormond; or, the deserted one. A tale of mystery.
London: E. Lloyd, [1842]. 36 nos. 284 p.
Thomas Prest. Ernnestine de Lacy; or, the robber's foundling. An old English romance.
London: E. Lloyd, 1842. 36 nos. 286 p.
Fatherless Fanny; or, the mysterious orphan. A tale of deep interest.
London: E. Lloyd, [1841]. 52 nos. 412 p.
Eugene Sue. The Female Bluebeard: or The Adventurer.
London: W. Strange, 1845. 20 nos. 306 p.
Thomas Peckett Prest. Grace Walton; or, the wanderers of the heath. An original domestic romance.
London: Henry Lea. 39 nos. 310 p.
Jeannette and Jeannot; or, the conscript's vow. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd. 24 nos. 182 p.
Jessie Arnold; or, the murder at the old well. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, 1852. 19 nos. 148 p.
Julia St. Pierre. A tale of the French Revolution.
London: E. Lloyd. 10 nos. 78 p.
Lucelle; or the young Indian. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd. 7 nos. 54 p.
Mary Clifford; or, the foundling apprentice girl. A tale of deep interest.
London: E. Lloyd, [1842]. 28 nos. 220 p.
Mary, the Primrose Girl; or, the heir of Stanmore. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, [1847]. 34 nos. 268 p.
The Miser of Shoreditch: or, the curse of avarice. An original historical legendary romance Of the Fifteenth Century.
London: [J. Crantz], 1855. 38 nos. 302 p.
The Mysterious Freebooter: or, the bride of mystery. A romance.
London: W. J. White, 1844. 54 nos. 438 p.
Newgate. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, [1847]. 97 nos. 772 p.
Paul Periwinkle: or, The Pressgang.
London: Willoughby & Co. 640 p.
"Bos" (pseud.) (ed.). The Post-Humourous Notes of the Pickwickian Club. Vol. 1.
London: E. Lloyd. 54 nos. 432 p.
"Bos" (pseud.) (ed.). The Post-Humurous (sic) Notes of the Pickwickian Club. Vol. 2.
London: E. Lloyd. 58 nos. 452 p.
Ellen T—. Ravensdale. A romance.
London: G. Purkess and Strange, [1847]. 15 nos. 116 p.
Richard Coeur de Lion. An historical romance.
London: George Peirce. 48 nos. 448 p.
Richard Parker; or, the mutiny at the Nore. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, [1851]. 66 nos. 524 p.
The Rivals; or, the spectre of the hall. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, [1847]. 103 nos. 820 p.
Ellen T—. Rose Sommerville; or, a husband's mystery and a wife's devotion. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, [1847]. 22 nos. 172 p.
The Royal Twins; or, the sisters of mystery.
London: G. Purkess, [1848]. 19 nos. 148 p.
The Steward: a romance of real life.
London: W. M. Clark, 1850. 24 nos. 380 p.
The Wife's Dream; or, a profligate's lesson.
London: E. Lloyd. 19 nos. 147 p.
Will Watch: a tale of the coast. The narrative founded on fact, and characters drawn from life.
London: W. M. Clark. 47 nos. 380 p.
Ch. Paul de Kock. The man with the three pair of breeches! or France, during the Republic, the Empire and the Restoration.
London: [W. Dugdale], 1841. 385 p.