A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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The Weekly Magazine and Journal of Entertaining Literature
26 nos. 16 p./no. (14 Aug. 1858 – 5 Feb. 1859)BL, Bodley, Monash, UMN
72 nos in 3 vols. 16 p./no. (5 Feb. 1859 – 16 June 1860)BL, Bodley, KU, Monash, SC, UMN

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Glendower; or, the North Sea rover. A story of the coast and waters of England. (nos. 1-9).
The Maid of the Lighthouse: A tale of Norwegian life. (nos. 1-14).
Look Out! A story of New England. (nos. 6-19).
The Companions of Silence; or, the knights of the iron ring. (nos. 15-26).
Agnes; or, suffering faith and ardent love. (nos. 16-9).
Alaric; or, the tyrant's vault. (nos. 17-25).
Harry Montford; or, the privateer's last prize. (nos. 1-16).
Mrs. H. Beecher Stowe. The Minister's Wooing. (nos. 1-44).
J. Fenimore Cooper. The Deerslayer; or, the first war path. (nos. 10-25).
Horace Darville. Life or Death: the momentous question. (nos. 16-30).
Gisele; or, the knights of the cross. (nos. 25-30).
Hubert; or, the mystery. A tale of Paris. (nos. 30-44).
Mrs. Burbury. Woman's Devotion; or, the gold seekers. (nos. 36-47).
Alexandre Dumas. Fate; or, the avenger's doom. (nos. 39-72).
Love's Strife; or, the city and the forest. (nos. 45-58).
The Death Touch: or, the terrors of the wilderness. (nos. 49-56).
The Lost Deeds. (nos. 59-65).
The Gipsy Daughter; or, the king and the sorceress. (nos. 61-69).
The Bride of the Isle. (nos. 66-72).