A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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The Family Herald or, useful information and amusement for the million
George Biggs
22 nos. 4 p./no. (17 Dec. 1842 – 6 May 1843)no known copies
5062 nos (only  nos in last vol). 16 p./no. (13 May 1843 – 27 April 1940)Auckland, BC, Berkeley, BL, Bodley, Chicago, CUL, Duke, ETSU, Exeter, FSU, Harvard, Leicester, Manchester, Newberry, Nottingham, NYPL, OIT, OSU, SBB, SudburyHall, TPL, UCLA, UMN

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Fawcett Dawson. Kirkleven; or the pilgrimage of Grace. (nos. 1-22).
C. F. Vandervelde. Arwed Gillenstern. A Swedish Historical Tale of the early part of the Eighteenth Century. (nos. 26-36).
Woman an Enigma; or, life and its revealings. (nos. 36-43).
Julia Tremaine; or, a father's wish and a husband's duty. (nos. 60-69).
Eugene Sue. The Wandering Jew. (nos. 63-128).
Massimo D'Aseglio. The Challenge of Barletta. An historical Romance of the Times of the Medici (nos. 134-145).
C. Sealsfield. The White Rose. An Indian tale. (nos. 157-168).
Martin, the Foundling; or, the adventures of a valet-de-chambre. (nos. 168-208).
The Lives of Grace and Isabel; or, to seem and to be. A tale of Georgia. (nos. 209-218).
The Dowerless; or, the lost will. (nos. 234-245).
Eugene Sue. The Seven Cardinal Sins. (nos. 240-313).
Mary and Evelyn; or, charms and counter-charms. (nos. 286-301).
A. S. S.. Lost and Found. (nos. 301-309).
Adelaide St. Julien. (nos. 317-336).
Emanuel Gonzales. Rachel and Aixa; or, the Hebrew and the Moorish maidens. An interesting historical tale. (nos. 365-383).
A. L. S.. Clouds and Sunshine; or, the real and the ideal. (nos. 390-398).
Gertrude; or, the queen's vengeance! A romance of the sixteenth century. (nos. 397-414).
A. E. Dupuy. The Conspirator. (nos. 417-427).
M. S.. Peers and Protegees. (nos. 453-468).
F. K.. Ximena; or, the Spanish lady's love. (nos. 469-477).
A. S. S.. Julia Warren; or palaces and prisons. (nos. 477-490).
C. R. F.. Katherine of Mountcassel. A romance of the days of chivalry. (nos. 494-503).
D. D.. Ellaby Grange. (nos. 509-520).
F. K.. Julia; or, life's vicissitudes. A true story. (nos. 521-530).
R. E.. Speculation; or, the housekeeper's tale. (nos. 536-550).
F. K.. Kate Donlavy; or, the heiress of Castle Connor. (nos. 550-557).
Annie Alleyne; or, romance in Australia. (nos. 587-594).
Eunice. (nos. 594-603).
E. B.. The Forged Will. (nos. 610-617).
Fanny Fern. Ruth Hall. (nos. 615-620).
The Heiress of Darren Court. A Tale of the First Rebellion (nos. 627-635).
Fanny Fern. Fanny Ford. A tale of every-day life (nos. 639-644).
T. T. K.. The Deal Boatman. (nos. 648-658).
Catherine; or, the mind of woman. (nos. 658-671).
Fanny Fern. Rose Clark. (nos. 665-670).
The Secret of a Life. (nos. 679-687).
Gilbert Waldron; or, the estrangement. (nos. 687-698).
Eleanor Ashby; or, the web of life. (nos. 703-711).
S. S.. Fair Helen of Glencorf. A tale of Scotland (nos. 719-727).
M. A. B.. Ellen Maynard; or, the death wail of the Hawkshawes. (nos. 731-739).
H. M. G. S.. Lovers and Fortune-Hunters. (nos. 743-757).
Deception. A Novel founded on facts (nos. 757-774).
Rockhaven. (nos. 766-777).
Cross Purposes. (nos. 788-799).
Rising in the World. (nos. 809-820).
Stracey. (nos. 818-830).
Madeline; or, the power of love. A Tale, founded on Fact (nos. 836-846).
E. B.. The Twin Sisters. (nos. 849-870).
Sir Ernest Wentworth. A tale founded on fact. (nos. 871-881).
Lily. (nos. 880-887).
The Lady of the Fell House. (nos. 888-897).
Lucille; or, the lost child. (nos. 896-905).