A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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The Penny Sunday Times and People's Police Gazette
Edward Lloyd
556 nos. 4 p./no. (5 April 1840 – 27 Oct. 1850)BL, Bodley, Manchester, NLS

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Florence; or, the wild mountain maid (nos. -).
Oliver Sullivan. O'Huala. An Irish tale. (nos. -).
Gallant Tom! or, the perils of a sailor ashore and afloat. An original nautical romance. (nos. 1-26).
Angelina! or, the mystery of St. Mark's Abbey. An original romance. (nos. 1-55).
Ernnestine de Lacy! or, the robber's foundling. An original romance (nos. 28-92).
M. H. Ainsforth. A Legend of Old Saint Paul's (nos. 40-62).
The Death Grasp; or, a father's curse! An original romance of startling interest (nos. 54-101).
J. U. R.. The Royal Favourite. An original romance. (nos. 65-83).
Memoirs of Madame Lafarge; written by herself. (nos. 79-99).
Deeds of Guilt! Or, the desolate house on the waste. (nos. 95-104).
Gertrude of the Rock; or, the mysterious hermit. An original old English romance. (nos. 101-).
Rosalie; or, the vagrant's daughter. (nos. 105-).