A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Publisher

Edwin Dipple (1820-1896)
42 Holywell-street, Strand
Henry Downes Miles. Claude du Val, a romance, of the days of Charles the Second.
London: Edwin Dipple, [1850]. 29 nos. 459 p.
Francis Glasse. The Fortunes of Montague; a romance.
London: E. Dipple, [1848]. 12 nos. 92 p.
Herbert Thornley. Life in London. A Romance.
London: E. Dipple, 1846. 14 nos. 109 p.
Mysteries of the Old Castles of France, or secret intrigues of the Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, and other great personages of the times.
London: W. Strange and E. Dipple. 44 nos. 348 p.
Francis Glasse. Osmyn the unknown.
London: E. Dipple, 1847. 13 nos. 102 p.
Walter Somers. Stradella: or, the power of song. An Italian romance.
London: Edwin Dipple, 1848. 13 nos. 108 p.