A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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William Dugdale (1800-1868)
37 Holywell-street, Strand
16 Holywell-street, Strand
The Adventures of an Actor; or, life of a strolling player.
London: William Dugdale. 20 nos. 158 p.
Charles Paul de Kock. The Barber of Paris.
London: William Dugdale, 1839. 12 nos. 190 p.
Chas. Paul de Kock. The Conscript, or, village vanity, and fashionable gallantry.
London: W. Dugdale. 18 nos. 282 p.
Hon. Edward Montague. The Demon of Sicily! A romance.
London: W. Dugdale. 20 nos. 156 p.
C. Paul de Kock. Gustavus, or, the young rake.
London: W. Dugdale, 1839. 13 nos. 206 p.
George Sand. Indiana: a romance of illicit love.
London: W. Dugdale. 20 nos. 312 p.
Memoirs of Harriette Wilson.
London: W. Dugdale. 41 nos. 332 p.
The Monk: a romance.
London: W. Dugdale. 24 nos. 190 p.
C. Paul de Kock. My Wife's Child.
London: W. Dugdale, 1840. 8 nos. 134 p.
Eugène Sue. The Mysteries of Paris.
London: W. Dugdale, 1844. 60 nos. 947 p.
The Mysteries of Paris.
London: W. Dugdale, 1844. 595 p.
Retribution; or, the oath, the curse, and the crime. An original romance.
London: W. Dugdale. 15 nos. 118 p.
The Wandering Jew.
London: W. Dugdale, 1844. 45 nos. 694 p.
Ch. Paul de Kock. The man with the three pair of breeches! or France, during the Republic, the Empire and the Restoration.
London: [W. Dugdale], 1841. 385 p.