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Thomas Paine Carlile (1819-1878)

Kirkpatrick, Robert J. “T. Paine of Holywell StreetYesterday's Papers (November 28, 2014)

20 Holywell-street, Strand
Angela, the Orphan; or, the bandit monk of Italy. A romance.
London: T. Paine, 1841. 25 nos. 198 p.
The Black Forest; or, the solitary of the hut. A legend of Hornby Castle.
London: Paine. 8 nos. 62 p.
The Children of the Abbey. A romance.
London: T. Paine. 25 nos. 220 p.
Love and Crime; or, the mystery of the convent. A romance.
London: T. Paine, 1841. 35 nos. 286 p.
St. Clair of the Isles; or the outlaws of Barra.
London: [T. Paine].
William Tell, the hero of Switzerland. An historical romance.
London: T. Paine. 24 nos. 190 p.