A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Publisher

Thomas White (1801-)
59 Wych-street, Strand
Bianca and the Magician. A tale of romance and mystery.
London: White, 1840. 18 nos. 142 p.
The Child of Fate; or, the robbers of the forest.
London: Thomas White.
Claude Du Val: the gentleman highwayman, of the days of Charles II. A romance.
London: Thomas White. 43 nos. 339 p.
Claude du Val, a romance.
London: T. White, 1840. 43 nos. 339 p.
The Life of Richard Palmer; better known as Dick Turpin; the notorious highwayman and robber' (sic) including his numerous exploits, adventures, and hair-breadth escapes, trial and execution; with notices of many of his contemporaries.
London: Thomas White, 1839. 41 nos. 323 p.
Dick Turpin.
London: Thomas White, 1840. 41 nos. 323 p.
The Eventful Life and Unparalleled Exploits of the Notorious Jack Sheppard, the Housebreaker.
London: Thomas White. 12 nos. 96 p.
The Factory Lad, or, the life of Simon Smike: exemplifying the horrors of white slavery.
London: Thomas White, [1839]. 24 nos. 188 p.
James Cooke. Jack Cade: an historical romance.
London: T. White. 21 nos. 283 p.
Edward Lytton Blanchard. The Life of George Barnwell; or, the London apprentice of the last century.
London: Thomas White. 32 nos. 253 p.
The Peer and Beggar; a domestic tale.
London: Thomas White. 32 nos. 254 p.
Wizard (pseud.). The Wild Witch of the Heath; or the demon of the glen. A tale of the most powerful interest.
London: T. White, 1841. 20 nos. 158 p.