A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Thomas Peckett Prest (1810-1859)

Penny Publication

Thomas Prest (ed.). The Penny Play-Book; or, library of dramatic romance.
London: George Drake.BL, Bodley, Guildhall, KBdk
"The Ocean of Life; or, every inch a sailor"
"Don Juan of Austria"
"The Fire of London; or, the doomed city"
"The Witch's Son"
"The Dice of Death"
"The Wood Devil; or, the vampire pirate of the deep dell"
"The Steel Pavilion; or, the charcoal burners of the Hartz"
"The Skeleton Lover"
"The Black Inn of the Heath"
"The Sexton of Cologne; or, the burgomaster's daughter"
"Bound 'Prentice to a Waterman; or, the flower of Woolwich"
"The Death Blow; or, the fatal knife"
"One O'Clock; or, the knight and the wood demon"
Indexed in:
Summers (p. 461), Wiener (351)