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Penny Publication

The Novel Newspaper.
Vol. 1, 509 p.
Bodley, Harvard, TAMU, UArk
Two different issues:
London: T.L. Holt, 1839. 16 nos.Bodley, Harvard, NMM
London: J. Cunningham, 1842. 16 nos.BL, BuffaloPL
J. Fennimore (sic) Cooper , Esq. "The Pilot. A tale of the sea", 102 p.
J. Fennimore (sic) Cooper , Esq. "The Spy; a tale of the neutral ground"
J. Fennimore (sic) Cooper , Esq. "The Pioneers; or the sources of the Susquehanna"
J. Fennimore (sic) Cooper , Esq. "The Last of the Mohicans. A narrative of 1757"
J. Fennimore (sic) Cooper , Esq. "Lionel Lincoln; or, the leaguer of Boston"
Vol. 2, 509 p.
ANU, Bodley, Harvard, (GB)(HT)IUB, NCL, UArk, (GB)UGent
Two different issues:
London: T.L. Holt, 1839. 16 nos.NLS
London: J. Cunningham, 1840. 16 nos.BL
Anna Maria Porter. "The Hungarian Brothers", 82 p.
Miss Anna Maria Porter. "Don Sebastian; or, the house of Braganza"
Dr. Bird. "Peter Pilgrim: or a rambler's recollections"
Dr. Bird. "Nick of the Woods"
J. P. Kennedy , Esq. "Horse-Shoe Robinson"
Vol. 3
ANU, Bodley, Georgetown, Harvard, (GB)(HT)IUB, UW-Mad
Three different issues:
London: J. Cunningham and T. L. Holt, 1839. 16 nos.BL
London: J. Cunningham, 1839. 16 nos.NLS
London: N. Bruce, 1842. 16 nos.no known copies
"Captain Kyd; or, the wizard of the sea", 90 p.
T. Smollett. "The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle", 204 p.
James Fennimore (sic) Cooper. "The Prairie", 107 p.
J. H. Ingraham. "The Pirate", 80 p.
J. P. Kennedy. "Rob of the Bowl", 101 p.
Vol. 4
AAS, CUL, Harvard, Leicester, St-Andrews
Three different issues:
London: J. Cunningham, 1839.no known copies
London: N. Bruce, 1842. 16 nos.BL
London: N. Bruce, 1844. 16 nos.no known copies
J. F. Cooper. "The Red Rover", 146 p.
Dr. Bird. "The Hawks of Hawk-hollow", 134 p.
J. F. Cooper. "The Water Witch", 136 p.
Mary Anne Radcliffe (pseud.). "Manfrone", 102 p.
Vol. 5
Harvard, Harvard, (GB)(HT)Harvard, Kent, Leicester, UGent
Two different issues:
London: J. Cunningham, [1840].no known copies
London: Bruce and Wyld, 1844. 14 nos.BL
"Koningsmarke", 90 p.
Charles Brockden Brown. "Ormond", 86 p.
Dr. Bird. "Abdalla the Moor", 158 p.
Dr. Bird. "The Infidel's Doom", 119 p.
Vol. 6
BL, Columbia, Harvard, Leicester
Two different issues:
London: J. Cunningham, 1840.no known copies
London: N. Bruce, 1844. 16 nos.BL
Baron de la Motte Fouqué. "Undine", 32 p.
Mrs. Charlotte Smith. "The Old Manor House", 183 p.
"The Ransom; or, a father's love", 6 p.
"Seventy-Six; or, love and battle", 160 p.
"Romance of the Pyrenees", 200 p.
Vol. 7
London: J. Cunningham, 1840. 15 nos.BL, Bodley, Edinburgh, Harvard, (GB)(HT)Harvard
Sophia Lee. "The Recess: a tale of the days of Queen Elizabeth", 133 p.
Elizabeth Helme. "Louisa: or, the cottage on the moor", 43 p.
"Selim, the Benefactor of Mankind"
"Logan, the Mingo Chief. A family history", 175 p.
A.F.E. Langbein. "The Bridegroom's Probation"
Hon. Judge Thompson. "The Green Mountain Boys. A historical tale of the early settlement of Vermont", 133 p.
Vol. 8
London: J. Cunningham, 1842. 14 nos.BL, Bodley, (GB)Bodley, Columbia, Georgetown, Harvard, (GB)(HT)Harvard, (GB)(HT)Harvard, Kent
Dr. Bird. "Robin Day: or, the rover's life", 128 p.
Schiller. "The Dishonoured Irreclaimable"
Mary Clavers (pseud.). "A New Home: Who'll Follow? or, glimpses of western life", 80 p.
Mrs. Hale. "Try and Trust"
"Helen Waters"
Charles Brockden Brown. "Wieland: or, The ventriloquist. An American tale", 80 p.
Professor Longfellow. "Hyperion. A romance", 72 p.
W. Anderson. "The Little Italian Boy"
Joseph Strutt. "Queenhoo Hall. A legendary romance. Being a history of times past", 124 p.
"The Irish Lord Lieutenant and his Double"
Vol. 9
BL, Chethams, Harvard, Harvard
Two different issues:
London: J. Cunningham.no known copies
London: N. Bruce, 1844. 16 nos.BL
Miss Sedgwick. "The Linwoods: or, "Sixty years since" in America", 128 p.
Sir Walter Scott. "The Lay of the Last Ministrel. A poem", 64 p.
Sir Walter Scott. "Marmion: a tale of Flodden Field", 96 p.
Sir Walter Scott. "The Lady of the Lake", 80 p.
R. H. Dana , Jun. "Two Years Before the Mast; or, a voice from the forecastle: being a sailor's life at sea", 156 p.
Vol. 10
London: J. Cunningham, 1841. 14 nos.BL, Georgetown, Harvard, (GB)(HT)Harvard
J. Fennimore (sic) Cooper. "Imagination. A tale for young women", 27 p.
"The Block House; or, the abduction. A tale of the early settlement of Ohio"
"Arthur Gordon Pym: or, Shipwreck, mutiny, and famine. Being the extraordinary adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym, mariner, of Nantucket, North America, during a voyage to the South Seas, and his various discoveries in the eighty-fourth parallel of Southern latitude", 80 p.
"The Kinsmen: or the black riders of Congaree. A tale", 176 p.
"A Peep at the Pilgrims in Sixteen Hundred and Thirty-Six. A tale of olden times", 160 p.
E. T. Hoffman. "The Invisible Assassin", 31 p.
"Blanche of Aquitaine. A Tale of the Days of Charlemagne"
Vol. 11
London: J. Cunningham, 1841. 17 nos.BL, Bodley, Harvard, (GB)(HT)Harvard, St-Andrews
William Godwin. "Caleb Williams", 142 p.
J. Malcolm. "The Bivouac"
Elizabeth Helme. "St. Clair of the Isles", 144 p.
Timothy Flint. "Francis Berrian", 168 p.
G. Simms. "Confession", 142 p.
Vol. 12
London: N. Bruce, 1842. 22 nos.BL, (HT)Harvard, (GB)(HT)Harvard
Elizabeth Helme. "The Farmer of Inglewood Forest", 160 p.
"Otter-Bag, the Oneida Chief"
"Carleton; or, patriotism, love, and duty. A tale of seventeen hundred and seventy-six", 160 p.
Miss Lee. "Canterbury Tales", 380 p.
Vol. 13
London: N. Bruce, 1843. 44 nos.BL, Harvard, (GB)(HT)Harvard, JHU, OSU
Mrs. Brunton. "Self-Control. A novel", 206 p.
Gilmore Simms. "The Yemassee. A romance of Carolina", 176 p.
"Beauchampe: or, the Kentucky tragedy. A tale of passion", 236 p.
Gilmore Simms (pseud.) (ed.). "Transatlantic Tales, Sketches, and Legends", 76 p.
Vol. 14
London: N. Bruce, 1843. 40 nos.BL, JHU, NMMU, St-Andrews
Oliver Goldsmith. "The Vicar of Wakefield", 72 p.
Henry Mackenzie. "The Man of Feeling", 41 p.
Henry Mackenzie. "The Man of the World. In two parts", 79 p.
Henry Mackenzie. "Julia de Roubigné. A tale. In a series of letters", 52 p.
"Elizabeth; or, the exiles of Siberia", 42 p.
"Paul and Virginia", 45 p.
Dr. Hawkesworth. "Almoran and Hamlet: an oriental tale", 38 p.
Dr. Langhorne. "Solyman and Almena: an oriental tale", 24 p.
Mrs. Sheridan. "The History of Nourjahad the Persian", 26 p.
Marmontel. "Belisarius: a tale", 58 p.
Horace Walpole , earl of Orford. "The Castle of Otranto: a gothic story", 38 p.
Mrs. Clara Reeve. "The Old English Baron: a gothic story", 57 p.
Vol. 15
London: N. Bruce, 1843. 41 nos.BL, Harvard, (GB)(HT)Harvard, (GB)(HT)IUB, KU, OSU
Gilmore Simms. "The Damsel of Darien. A tale of the early conquest of Peru", 223 p.
Mrs. Radcliffe. "The Italian; or, the confessional of the black penitents. A romance", 189 p.
Henry T. Tuckerman. "Isabel; or, a pilgrimage in Sicily", 64 p.
"The Lollards: a tale of the fifteenth century", 166 p.
Vol. 16
London: Bruce and Wyld, 1844. 38 nos.BL, (GB)(HT)Harvard
"Woman an Enigma; or, life and its revealings", 80 p.
Mrs. Ann Radcliffe. "The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne. A highland story", 64 p.
"The Victim of a Name"
Mrs. Charlotte Smith. "Emmeline, the Orphan of the Castle", 208 p.
"Conquest and Self-Conquest: or, which makes the hero?", 65 p.
Theodore S. Fay. "The Brothers: or, the double duel. A romance of New York", 192 p.
Vol. 17
London: Bruce and Wyld, 1845. 42 nos.BL, Harvard
Mary Brunton. "Discipline. A novel", 172 p.
"Temperance and Intemperance; or, let every man mind his own business"
Mrs. Emilie Carlen. "The Rose of Thistle Isle; or, the smugglers of the Swedish coast. A romance", 176 p.
C. Spindler. "The Invalide; or, pictures of the French revolution. A romance", 207 p.
Eugene Sue. "The Salamander. A naval romance", 112 p.
Vol. 18
London: Bruce and Wyld, 1845. 41 nos.BL, Bodley, KU, London
C. Spindler. "The Jew. A romance of the early part of the fifteenth century", 203 p.
Eugene Sue. "The Wandering Jew: a tale of the Jesuits", 302 p.
Frederic Soulie. "The Mysteries of the Heaths: or, the Chateau de Chevalaine", 143 p.
Vol. 19
London: Bruce and Wyld, 1846. 38 nos.BL, Bodley
W. Gilmore Simms. "Count Julian; or, the last days of the Goth. An historical romance", 140 p.
"The Four Greys; or, travelling adventures in Ireland"
Eugene Sue. "Fascination; or, the adventures of the Marquis de Létorière", 126 p.
Eugene Sue. "Kardiki; or, the vizier's revenge"
Eugene Sue. "The Godolphin Arabian; or, the horse and his keeper"
Mrs. Anna L. Snelling. "Kabaosa: or the warriors of the West. A tale of the last war", 112 p.
Emile Souvestre. "Man and Money: or, the valley of Penhoat", 81 p.
Emile Souvestre. "Sketches of Brittany and its Inhabitants"
Arnould. "Struensee: or, the queen and the favourite. A romance of Danish history", 122 p.
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