A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Tales of my Landlady.
London: B. D. Cousins. 33 nos.BL, Bodley, KU, KU, Yale
Elie Berthet. "The House of Doom; or, love, pride, and the pest", 46 p.
"The Ass in the Lion's Skin", 64 p.
"Alf of Münster; or, the Anabaptists", 68 p.
M. Gozlan. "The Convert; or, the prior of red penitents", 26 p.
Victor Hugo. "The King's Diversion; or, le roi s'amuse", 44 p.
M. de Balzac. "La Marana", 36 p.
"The History of Nourjahad, the Persian", 32 p.
"Bloomsbury and Felicia. A tale of yore", 16 p.
"Floris & Blanchefleur", 12 p.
"Ambrosio and Acantha", 23 p.
"Leander and Aldina. A tale of yore", 16 p.
"Brachman Padmanaba", 4 p.
"Paul and Virginia", 56 p.
Mary Julia Young. "Donalda; or, the witches of Glenshiel, a Caledonian legend", 77 p.