A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Work

Calvin Henderson Wiley (1819-1887)
Previous publication:
"Roanoke; or, where is utopia?". Sartain's Union Magazine (Philadelphia), March 1849-Dec. 1849.

Penny Publication

222 p.
Two different issues:
C. H. Wiley. Adventures of Old Dan Tucker, and his son Walter; a tale of North Carolina.
London: Willoughby & Co.BL, (GB)Bodley, Buncombe, (IA)Cornell, CUL, Duke, ECU, Emory, LSU, Meredith, Monash, MSU, NCSU, Newberry, NHC, NLS, NYPL, Pepperdine, Rice, SC, SHSU, SLNC, UBC, UC, UKy, UNC, UNCG, UPenn, USM, UTexas, UTK, Yale, ZSR
C. H. Wiley. Utopia: an early picture of life at the South.
London: Henry Lea.ECU, UNC