A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Work

Caroline Lee Hentz (1800-1856)
Previous publication:
Ernest Linwood; a novel. Boston: 1856.

Penny Publication

Periodical serialization:
"Ernest Linwood".
London Journal (London): nos. 585-612.British Periodicals Adelaide, Arizona, Auckland, BC, BL, BNE, BNF, BYU, Calgary, Carleton, Chicago, Cincinnati, CUL, Emory, Guildhall, HRC, Illinois, IndState, Lakehead, Manchester, McGill, Meredith, Monash, NAL, Newberry, NLNZ, NLS, NLSA, PennState, RUG, SC, SDSU, SLPL, Syr, TAMU, UBA, UH, UIowa, UMND, UNSW, UWA, UWO, Vanderbilt, Virginia, VUW, Yale

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